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Wolftooth Elliptical 104 BCD Chainring – 36T

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We won’t try to convince you that elliptical (or oval, the same thing) chainrings will change your life…but they might! What we can say for sure is that they have a different feel from round rings and can provide an efficiency benefit and smoother power output for some riders. Our testers report the biggest benefits on punchy singletrack and hills, allowing less shifting and faster acceleration.
Our proprietary design has ovality of 10% and timing of 112° after TDC (top dead center). These values provide the benefits of an ovalring without the drawbacks of greater ovality or more aggressive timing. The simplest way to explain how they “feel” is that where your pedal stroke is weakest it feels like you have a 2 teeth less on the chainring and where you have the most power it “feels” like you have 2 more teeth. Example: a 34t chainring feels like a 32t in the weak part of your pedal stroke and a 36t in the part of the stroke where your legs have the most power.
All sizes are threaded for M8 chainring bolts with built-in 2mm standoffs. With this 2mm offset, the chainline is roughly 48 mm on a triple crankset and 50 mm on a double crank (varies by crankset). Like all of our chainrings, these are designed and manufactured in the USA and feature our patent-pending Drop-Stop tooth design.
Made from 7075-T5 aluminum & black anodized
Threaded to use M8 chainring bolts (no nuts required)
Use a 10 or 11 speed chain. If using a 9 speed drivetrain, plan to use a 10 speed chain (it will shift great), as the 9 speed chain fits too loosely on the ring.
Installation Instructions shown in the picture carousel (shows where the crank arm goes)
Product weights: 32T= 41g, 34T= 48g, 36T= 55g

Bolt Circle Diameter - BCD


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