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How many times have you arrived at a race and your tyre is half or completely flat ? Driven into the parking lot at a bike park with your child’s bike and their tyre is flat ? Been on a stage race and had a large puncture and needed a plug to seal the hole meaning there is more sealant on the ground than in your tyre ? This is that emergency fix. This “Goat’s Milk on steroids” or puncture repair in a bottle is your answer. Handy small size to carry on your bike, inside your jersey pocket or even inside the boot of your car for when needed.

VEYGA Goat’s Milk tubeless sealant has been scientifically formulated to provide the ultimate protection when doing tubeless conversions. This free-flowing sealant provides excellent sealing properties and seals holes and slits in excess of 5mm. Goat’s Milk tubeless sealant also solves bead/rim leaks and porous tyres. This premium product has a natural latex formula that seals punctures with lightning speed and being manufactured from non-corrosive ingredients is safe for use on wheels and tyres. It is safe on tyre inserts and CO² compatible and won’t develop snot balls in your tyres and lasts longer meaning fewer top ups. Designed to last longer than a little blue pill and seals tighter than a ducks a…s, Goat’s Milk tubeless sealant guarantees premium protection for your tyres!

This Goat’s Milk 60ml tubeless sealant is perfect in emergency situations for MTB but can be used on tubeless ROAD / GRAVEL tyre installations. Can also be used inside standard tubes as long as the tube has a Schrader valve with removable core or a Presta tube also with a removable core.


Natural Latex-based
Ideal for tubeless conversions
Safe on tyres and rims
60ml pack size for emergency situations for 1 x wheel
If you have used a CO2 cartridge in an emergency to inflate your tyre then please remove the air once home and inflate your tyre with normal air. Leaving the carbon dioxide inside your tyre will prematurely dry out the sealant.

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