• Bottle cage in fibre-reinforced material (FRP) side entry
  • Simple and quick Insertion/removal of your bottle from front or sides
  • Compatible with all frames, ideal for sloping tubes or small sizes

Construction materials:

• glass fibre reinforced polyamide and elastic front insert

Technical data:

• total height 141 mm

• base Ø 86 mm


white and black glossy


• Side Design: side bottle cage featuring a new streamlined and unique design, allowing the bottle to be inserted from the sides as well as frontally, thereby ensunring handy and easy use.Registered design.

• A.R.S. Technology: A.R.S. stands for Adjustable Retention System, an exclusive system designed by Elite, that allows easy insertion/removal of the bottle. In fact, the innovative elastic front structure allows high deformation during bottle insertion or removal, thereby facilitating these operations and always guarantees a return to its original size, holding the bottle in any condition of use.

• Finish: the careful design, the quality of materials and the effeciency of the production processes ensure a very high aesthetic result that is unique in its price range.

• Durability: the design has been specifically developed in order to minimise the unstressed elements and reinforce the areas subjected to loads and tension during use, thus ensuring very high strenght and lasting durability.

• Compatibility: Fits all frame. Ideal for small and sloping frames

• Ergonomics: Analyzing the pros and amateurs during their races, and everyday cyclists during their rides, we have designed a simple yet effective solution to ease the movement of bottle extraction and insertion whether it’s during the bottle for that next victory or simply on the way to your favorite cafè.