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SRAM GX Eagle AXS DUB Wide 12-speed Group

The drivetrain embraced by core riders as the All Day best friend is now available in Transmission. The no-compromise, budget minded ethos remains built into the system but is modernized for a new generation of bikes. The GX Eagle Transmission derailleur every bit as crisp and precise as the other derailleurs in the transmission family, but features things like removable skid plates for better protection and serviceability.Shifting under load is made possible on the GX cassette due to a combination of X-SYNC technology and cassette mapping, creating seamless shifts even during your hardest power output. The GX Eagle Transmission DUB crankset stands apart and gives no-nonsense riders a no-compromise balance of form and function. It’s the crankset where pure performance meets optimal value. Its unique shape has been forged out of aluminum for strength without bulk. Its available composite removable bashguards add functionality and lets riders manage scuffs and scrapes that come with the territory. The GX Eagle Transmission (T-Type) chain is the strongest Sram have ever made. Specifically engineered to optimize Eagle Transmission, this all-new T-Type design features a unique flat top, and is developed specifically for the added torque loads of E-MTB thanks to its solid pins that give it incredible strength.

Scope of delivery – Sram GX Eagle AXS Transmission Groupset

  • 1 x GX Eagle Wide DUB 1×12-speed Crank 32T (choose variant)
  • 1 x GX Eagle Transmission Rear Derailleur 12-speed incl. Battery
  • 1 x AXS POD Controller incl. Discrete Clamp
  • 1 x GX Eagle Transmission Flattop Chain
  • 1 x 12-speed Eagle Cassette XG-1275 10-52T
  • 1 x Charger

Bottom bracket DUB not included!

Sram GX Eagle Transmission Crankset

The Sram GX Eagle Transmission DUB crankset gives no-nonsense riders a no-compromise balance of form and function. It’s the crankset where pure performance meets optimal value. Its two independently removable composite bashguards add durability and allows riders to manage scuffs and scrapes that come with the territory. Protecting and preserving the unique shape of its forged aluminum design to deliver maximum performance with minimum bulk.


  • No-nonsense, no-compromise. Two independently removeable composite bashguards. Chainring size specific.
  • Forged aluminum with an all-new shape and optimal value

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Group: GX Eagle (1 x 12-speed)
  • Model: DUB Wide
  • Gradation: 32 teeth
  • Mounting: Direct Mount
  • Axle diameter: 28.99mm
  • Bottom bracket: DUB
  • Q-Factor: 174 mm
  • Chainline: 55 mm

Crank arm length

  • 170 mm


  • Crank arms: Aluminium
  • Chainring: Aluminum
  • Guard: Composite


  • Dark Polar

Sram GX Eagle Transmission 12-speed Rear Derailleur

The Sram GX Eagle Transmission rear derailleur is a smaller version of nothing. It offers everything an Eagle Transmission rear derailleur can do and more. The battery position has been revised and the housing has been reconfigured to better protect it from shocks. To maintain the crisp shifting and distinctive look throughout its life, hard chargers can replace both the protective skidplates and the two-piece outer link if necessary, making this rear derailleur the most repairable ever built by Sram. It also features the first ever tool-free cage and clutch assembly – so it’s both removable and upgradable too. With a steel inner cage that adds even more robustness, it’s been built for riders of the real world. Just like all Eagle Transmission derailleurs, it’s been engineered with a first-of-its-kind Hangerless Interface, mounting around the wheel axle itself and making direct contact with the cassette with no hanger required. The new transmission derailleurs feature the same intuitive pairing and set-up procedure as our Eagle AXS derailleurs. The revolutionary Full Mount attachment method creates a far stronger connection because it grips both sides of the frame. Let the record show that the GX Eagle Transmission derailleur plays second fiddle to nothing. It’s all in for all day.


  • Revised battery position, reconfigured gearbox, replaceable skid plates and outer link, tool-free cage and clutch
  • Install and pair via the reliable and familiar standard AXS set-up and pairing procedure
  • Hangerless Interface, Full Mount attachment method
  • Radically clear setup process, no adjustment required
  • AXS battery and Pod controller available separately

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Group: GX Eagle Transmission
  • Gears: 1 x 12
  • Max. tooth: 52T


  • Cage: Steel


  • black/sliver

Sram AXS Pod Controller

The Sram AXS Pod transforms the crucial act of rider inputs into a vastly more personal experience for all of your AXS controls. Pod offers lighter weight than Eagle Ecosystem AXS Controllers, updated ergonomics and a vastly superior range of adjustability. Featuring a “click and fire” two-button design, with an intuitive action that requires the ideal amount of rider input to activate. Plus, it allows riders to personalize button assignments through the AXS™ App and accepts ergonomically adjustable buttons with subtle grip. With a unique flippable design, AXS Pods can be mounted left- or right-handed – it’s one component, with a world of possibilities. Finished in a premium high polish casing to finish the look of your super bike.


  • Lighter weight, better and more adaptable ergonomics, superior adjustability, premium finish
  • All-new “click and fire” two-button design. Intuitive and straightforward action requiring the ideal amount of rider input
  • Personalize paddle options for complete customizability via the AXS™ App.

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Default Function: AXS – Rear Derailleur
  • Orientation: Right/Left
  • Clamp: Discrete
  • Compatible with ANT+ devices: Yes
  • Multi-position: Yes
  • Battery size: CR2032


  • black

Sram GX Eagle Transmission Flattop Chain

With Eagle Transmission being the first of its kind, fully integrated and interdependent system, the X0 Eagle Transmission (T-Type) Flattop Chain is so much more than just a chain. Its unique flat top design makes it the strongest change chain Sram have ever made. It features a Dark Polar finish specific to X0, has been plated with electroless nickel, and comes with a PVD coating for unbelievable resistance to corrosion and wear. Fully approved for E-MTB use with solid pins.


  • Strongest SRAM chain ever. Specifically engineered for Eagle Transmission
  • Flattop profile, unbelievable shifting performance, game-changing aesthetics
  • Solid pins, fully approved for E-MTB use

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Gear: 12-speed
  • Compatible Cassette Eagle™ T-Type
  • Length: 126 Links
  • Chain connector: PowerLock®
  • Outer Plate: Nickel
  • Inner Plate: Chrome hardened
  • Pin Treatment: Chrome hardened
  • Pin: Solid Pin


  • silver

Sram GX Eagle Transmission XG-1275 Cassette

The Sram GX Eagle Transmission (T-Type) Cassette is a key reason why Eagle Transmission offers the best-ever inboard and outboard shifting performance under load. Thanks to its full X-SYNC design, the harder you pedal, the better it shifts. Designed for a 55mm chainline for less extreme chain angles throughout the full range and delivers more precision. It’s 520% range has been optimized with larger 38 and 44-teeth cogs prior to the 52-tooth cog for improved gear steps in the low end (compared to the Eagle drivetrain 10-52-tooth cassette). Featuring a clearly marked Setup Cog, install is both simple and foolproof. Plus, it utilizes a Pindome design for gears 1-8 and a single piece mini-cluster for gears 9-12.


  • 520% range. Full X-SYNC for best-ever inboard and outboard shifting performance under load. Optimized gear steps on low end
  • 55mm chainline compatibility for more moderate chain angle, longer wear and greater precision. Setup Cog for simple set up
  • Features a combination Pindome and MINI-CLUSTER design

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Model: XG-1275
  • Speeds: 12-speed
  • Teeth: 10-52
  • Gear Ratios: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-38-44-52
  • Recommended Chain: Eagle Flattop chains only


  • Only compatible with XD™ Driver Body and Transmission Rear Derailleurs


  • silver


  • 445g (manufacturer information)


Forward thinking and backwards compatible DUB™ BB/Crank technology is the workhorse without restraint. Designed for the most discerning pros. And riders who set it and neglect it. DUB™ is compatible with all major bottom bracket standards. Offering better sealing than ever before, without having to make compromises to fit all frames. Yet it opens the door for a new crank spindle for the world’s all-time lightest crank set. It’s a new approach that embraces the old. And it’s about time.

After extensive research, Sram unifies the diameter of bike crankshafts and inner bearings to 28.99mm from 2018. The new bearing technology DUB (Durable Unifying Bottom Bracket) sets new standards from now on.

Gear Range





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