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RockShox 30 Gold RL 29″” Solo Air Tapered OneLoc

Light easy to set up and RockShox ride quality. Not if you are referring to the RockShox 30 Gold. With Motion Control™ damping OneLoc remote lever tapered steerer and for quick release.

The Gold;Standard: Rock Shox 30 Gold RL 29″” Solo Air Tapered OneLoc

Light (actually very light)? Check. Easy to set up? Check. RockShox ride quality? Check. Too good to be true? Not if you are referring to the RockShox 30 Gold featuring Motion Control™ damping.

Features – 30 Gold RL 29″” Solo Air Tapered OneLoc Model 2019

  • Motion Control RL damper with Rebound and Lockout adjustment
  • OneLoc Remote Lever
  • New cable-remote spool compatible with TwistLoc and OneLoc remotes
  • Updated graphic package to complement the RockShox lineup
  • Model year 2019

Product features

  • Use:;MTB Cross Country;Marathon
  • Wheel Size:;29″”
  • Spring: Solo Air
  • Damping:;Motion Control RL
  • Adjustments:;External Rebound;Lockout Threshold – Low Speed Compression to Lock with OneLoc Remote Lever;Air pressure via common Schrader valve
  • Steerer:;Tapered 1.5″” to 1 1/8″”
  • Steerer Length: 262mm
  • Upper Tubes: 30mm
  • Disc Brake Mount:;Post Mount;(PM6 – Direct Mount 160mm)
  • Maximum Rotor Size: 220mm
  • Drop Out: 9x100mm Quick;Release
  • Max Tire Diamter: 755mm
  • Max Tire Width: 62mm
  • Axle To Crown:;507mm (100mm) 527mm (120mm)
  • Offset:;51mm


  • 100mm (00.4019.911.011)


  • Steerer:;Aluminum
  • Crown:;Forged Aluminum
  • Upper Tubes:;Straight Wall Aluminum Fast Black
  • Lowers:;Magnesium


  • glossy-black


  • from 1802g;(manufacturer information)
  • OneLoc Remote – 78g;(manufacturer information)

Scope of delivery

  • Rock Shox 30 Gold RL 29″” Solo Air Tapered OneLoc
  • OneLoc Remote Lever
  • Starnut

Quick;Release Fork pump and Service seals not included!


Motion Control;

Imagine riding on the moon. Rolling hills crushed rock blasted out of craters… craters. There’s no gravity so you wouldn’t even need a chairlift. Unfortunately you can’t ride on the moon. There’s lots of gnarly terrain on earth. But earth has gravity so you’ll need suspension that climbs as well as it descends. With our Motion Control damper technology you’ll do just that.

Solo Air™
Solo Air is like a Buddhist monk. Its enlightened design lets you add air to your forks through a single Schrader valve filling both the positive and negative air spring chambers simultaneously. So they’re always in perfect equilibrium like Yin and Yang. Giving you a plush predictable ride you can set up in seconds with the lightest weight air spring on the market.;

Power Bulge™
When you need your forearms to be stronger for more control you bulk them up in the gym. When you need more durability from your fork bulk them up with our Power Bulge. Other companies just increase the stanchion size adding extra weight. Power Bulge simply reinforces the lower leg to allow for an oversized bushing increasing stiffness and maximizing your ride. Plus it’s called Power Bulge.

The new OneLoc remote provides total control over your suspension at your fingertips.The increased leverage at the bar translate in a smoother and easier actuation.

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